Furniture Rental

There are tables and chairs available for use in E14/ E15 on a reservation basis.  There are limited furnishings available for the E15 Bartos Theater, and both the Upper and Lower Atria.

If two separate events are running at the same time and one has reserved the available furniture, the other event must rent furniture from an outside vendor.  

All in-house furniture is set up and returned to storage by Your Move, Inc, a local moving company.  This team is hired when the Atlas work order is placed and the room furnishing plans are uploaded.

All furniture must be cleared, cleaned, wiped down and then returned to the proper storage closet after the event. 

To request furniture for an event, send an email to:  In this email, list the required quantities of tables and chairs needed for the event and provide a furniture layout of each room reserved for the event.  If additional chairs or tables are needed from a third party vendor, the rental fees will be charged to the event's cost object.  All rental furniture must be removed from the building at the end of the event.

E14 6th floor furnishings

  • (350) armchairs  -  color:  black; arm to arm width:  26.5”; seat depth:  24"
  • (400) folding chairs  -  color:  black; seat width:  20” across
  • (20) 60" round table  -  Accommodates up to 9 seated guests per table
  • (20) 6' - 0" long banquet tables  -  dimensions:  30" wide x 72" long
  • (12) 30" adjustable height "high top" tables; tables can be set at 30", 36" or 42" high
  • (2) coat racks  -  capacity:  120 coats/ rack  -  racks have hooks and wire hangers.
    Coat racks are shared between multiple events.
  • (8) director chairs; 5 each black wood frame and 3 each blonde wood frame.
  • (8) room dividers; 4 white screens and 4 wood framed screens.
  • (12) white topped 24"x 60" conference (AV) tables
  • (34) grey swivel chairs.

E15 Bartos Theater, Lower and Upper Atria furnishings

  • (50) stacking chairs  -  Located in the back of the Bartos Theater.
  • (1) 30” wide x 72” long folding table.  -  Located in the back of the Bartos Theater.
  • (1) 36” wide x 48” long table.   -  Located in the of the Bartos Theater.
  • (1) 34" wide x 84" long oval table.  -  Located in the Lower Atrium
  • (1) podium  -  color:  black; capabilities:  microphone enabled
    Do not move the podium.  Do not tape anything to the podium.
  • (1) coat rack  -  capacity:  120 coats/rack  -  Located inside the Bartos Theater. 
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