Here be Dragons 2018: Lightning Talks


Monsters in Loch Ness? Really?
Martin Klein '62,  Martin Klein Consultants 

Discovering New Tools from Nature
Shannon Johnson, Synthetic Neurobiology, MIT Media Lab 

Diving into the Deep Ocean Microbiome
Devora Najjar, Sculpting Evolution, MIT Media Lab 

Sensing the sea floor in analog and digital, knots and waveforms
Mark Adams,  Center for Coastal Studies

Aguahoja: Making an Ocean Pavilion
Andrea Ling, Mediated Matter, MIT Media Lab 

Being A Tree
Xin Liu, Space Exploration Initiative, MIT Media Lab 

Wheels of Poseidon
Siranush Babakhanova and Daniel Oran, Synthetic Neurobiology, MIT Media Lab 

A Vitreous Approach to Public Oceanography
Ben Bray,  MIT Sea Grant 

Training Transhumanism Underwater
Miriam Simun, Design Fiction, MIT Media Lab 

Tackling Bottlenecks in Ocean Conservation with Low-cost Tech
Allan Adams MIT Future Oceans Lab

Imaging in Turbid Water
Guy Satat, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab 

Understanding Fluid Phenomena and Designing the Next Generation of Ocean Vehicles
Miranda Kotidis,  MIT Towing Tank

Robots for Ad-hoc Underwater Infrastructure
Veevee Cai, Mediated Matter, MIT Media Lab 

Exploring the Ocean from Space
Danielle Wood, Space Enabled, MIT Media Lab 

Sister Initiatives - From Oceans to Space, and back! 
Ariel Ekblaw, Space Exploration Initiative and Responsive Environments, MIT Media Lab 


Hook, line, and sinker? New tech to study the life and death of sharks
Nick Whitney,  Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life, New England Aquarium 

Wildlife in an Industrial Ocean
Scott Kraus,  Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life, New England Aquarium 

Meandering routes of plankton communities
Mara Freilich,  MIT/WHOI Joint Program 

AI Landscapes: Computing the Sound of Wetland Restoration
Clement Duhart, Responsive Environments, MIT Media Lab 

Sensory Landscapes: Extended Intelligence and a New Ecological Sensibility 
Gershon Dublon, Responsive Environments, MIT Media Lab 

Designing Creative Learning Communities
Katherine McConachie, Learning Initiative, MIT Media Lab 

Pokemon Go, pH, and projectors: environmental justice and the Chelsea River
Laura Perovich, Object-based Media, MIT Media Lab

Ocean Data Visualization for Citizen Engagement
Jeremy Stroming,  MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics 

Machine Learning to Expand Public Understanding of Climate Science
Max Vilgalys,  MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society 

Show and Tell and Publish
Travis Rich, Viral Communications, MIT Media Lab 

Science and Comics: Sequential Visual Narratives
Casey Zakroff,  MIT/WHOI Joint Program 

Thirsty Cities
Quantum Wei,  MIT Water Club 

MIT Water Night
Gualtiero Spiro Jaeger,  MIT Water Club 

Micro-Safaris: The Display of Live Marine Microorganisms at Public Aquariums
Thomas Consi,  MIT Sea Grant 

Reimagining the Future Aquarium : NEAQ 2069
Yihyun Lim,  MIT Design Lab 

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