Hiroshi Ishii and Nataliya Kosmyna receive CAMIT Fall 2021 Grants


Mariko Tagashira

Mariko Tagashira

Council for the Arts at MIT (CAMIT) Announces Fall 2021 Grant Recipients

Hiroshi Ishii, head of the Tangible Media group, and Nataliya Kosmyna, a research scientist in the Fluid Interfaces group, have recently received grants from the Council for the Arts at MIT (CAMIT). The Council provides funding for arts projects with a special interest in supporting projects that engage the MIT community. 

Ishii's grant will support the restoration of his SandScape project, which presents a tangible interface for designing and understanding landscapes through a variety of computational simulations using sand (for display in the new MIT Museum Collections Gallery).

Kosmyna's grant will go towards her NeuraFutures project: an in-person and online exhibition, a series of talk-demo days, and an online interactive experience showcasing the science and fiction of brain sensing and its role in the future.

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