MAS Research Groups

Affective Computing
Director: Rosalind W. Picard

Advancing wellbeing using new ways to communicate, understand, and respond to emotion.

Director: Hugh Herr

Enhancing human physical capability.

Camera Culture
Director: Ramesh Raskar

Making the invisible visible–inside our bodies, around us, and beyond–for health, work, and connection.

Center for Bits and Atoms
Director: Neil A. Gershenfeld

Turning information into things, and things into information.

Changing Places
Director: Kent Larson

Enabling dynamic, evolving places that respond to the complexities of life.

Civic Media
Director: Ethan Zuckerman

Creating technology for social change.

Collective Learning
Director: Cesar A. Hidalgo

Transforming data into knowledge.

Conformable Decoders
Director: Canan Dagdeviren

Converting the patterns of nature and the human body into beneficial signals and energy.

Design Fiction
Director: Hiromi Ozaki

Sparking imagination and discussion about the social, cultural, and ethical implications of new technologies through design and storytelling.

Fluid Interfaces
Director: Pattie Maes

Integrating digital interfaces more naturally into our physical lives, enabling insight, inspiration, and interpersonal connections.

Human Dynamics
Director: Alex 'Sandy' Pentland

Exploring how social networks can influence our lives in business, health, governance, and technology adoption and diffusion.

Lifelong Kindergarten
Director: Mitchel Resnick

Engaging people in creative learning experiences.

Living Mobile
Director: Chris Schmandt

Enhancing mobile life through improved user interactions.

Mediated Matter
Director: Neri Oxman

How digital and fabrication technologies mediate between matter and environment to radically transform the design and construction of objects, buildings, and systems.

Molecular Machines
Director: Joseph M. Jacobson

Engineering at the limits of complexity with molecular-scale parts.

Object-Based Media
Director: V. Michael Bove

Changing storytelling, communication, and everyday life through sensing, understanding, and new interface technologies.

Opera of the Future
Director: Tod Machover

Extending expression, learning, and health through innovations in musical composition, performance, and participation.

Personal Robots
Director: Cynthia Breazeal

Building socially engaging robots and interactive technologies to help people live healthier lives, connect with others, and learn better.

Responsive Environments
Director: Joseph A. Paradiso

Augmenting and mediating human experience, interaction, and perception with sensor networks.

Scalable Cooperation
Director: Iyad Rahwan

Reimagining the way society organizes, cooperates, and governs itself

Sculpting Evolution
Director: Kevin Esvelt

Exploring evolutionary and ecological engineering.

Signal Kinetics
Director: Fadel Adib

Inventing technologies that extend human and computer abilities in sensing, communication, and actuation through signals and networks

Social Machines
Director: Deb Roy

Designing media technologies for social engagement and change.

Synthetic Neurobiology
Director: Edward Boyden

Revealing insights into the human condition and repairing brain disorders via novel tools for mapping and fixing brain computations.

Tangible Media
Director: Hiroshi Ishii

Seamlessly coupling the worlds of bits and atoms by giving dynamic physical form to digital information and computation.

Viral Communications
Director: Andrew Lippman

Creating scalable technologies that evolve with user inventiveness.

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