MLVS Breakout Sessions | January 28 @ 3:30pm

by Habib Haddad

Jan. 23, 2020

MLVS Breakout Sessions | January 28 @ 3:30pm

Sessions take place in parallel.

Session 1, Panel

  • Title: Radical reinvention of traditional industries
  • Room: Lecture Hall, 6th floor.
  • Speakers: Moderator: Joost Bonsen | Panelists: Jifei Ou (OPT Industries), Shara Ticku (C16 Bio), Anne Kim (Secure AI Labs), Barmak Heshmat (Brelyon)

Session 2, Discussion 

  • Title: Digitizing product value chains : From the factory floor, to the retail store to the packaged good
  • Room: E14 - 240, 2nd floor
  • Discussion leaders: Rony Kubat (Tulip), George Shaw (Pathr), Matt Hirsh (Lumii)

Session 3, Discussion

  • Title: Radical sustainability for future products
  • Room: E14 - 244, 2nd floor
  • Discussion leaders: Leonardo Bonanni (Sourcemap), Kipp Bradford (Treau), Marcel Botha (10xMotion), Anirudh Sharma (Graviky)
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