MouthPad^ honored at Core77 Design Awards 2023


Augmental Tech

Augmental Tech

MouthPad^ is a custom-fit 3D-printed mouthpiece that lets users control digital devices hands-free. Developed by Media Lab spinoff Augmental (a company co-founded by Fluid Interfaces alum Tomás Vega and collaborator Corten Singer), the MouthPad^ has been honored as the Winner of the Emerging Technologies Award and as a Runner Up for the Design for Social Impact Award at this year's Core77 Design Awards.

The MouthPad^ is a smart oral splint that enables hands-free human-computer interaction using tongue, jaw, head, and breathing gestures. The device combines the most common assistive control interfaces, augmented by the unexploited, intrinsic dexterity of the tongue, empowering people living with impaired hand control to live more independently. 

The Core77 Design Awards annually celebrates innovations in the design field as well as the insight and perseverance of designers. Now in its eleventh year, the Awards program offers both students and professionals the opportunity to promote their best work on a global scale across 23 distinct design disciplines.

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