Papers by Media Lab researchers and alumni recognized with Honorable Mentions at CHI 2019

Hackathons as Participatory Design: Iterating Feminist Utopias
Alexis Hope, Catherine D’Ignazio, Josephine Hoy, Rebecca Michelson, Kate Krontiris, Jennifer Roberts, Ethan Zuckerman

Can Children Understand Machine Learning Concepts? The Effect of Uncovering Black Boxes
Tom Hitron, Yoav Orlev, Ariel Shamir, Iddo Yehoshua Wald, Hadas Erel, Oren Zuckerman

SwarmHaptics: Haptic Display with Swarm Robots
Lawrence H. Kim, Sean Follmer

Coding for Outdoor Play: a Coding Platform for Children to Invent and Enhance Outdoor Play Experiences
Netta Ofer, Idan David, Hadas Erel, Oren Zuckerman

Beyond The Force: Using Quadcopters to Appropriate Objects and the Environment for Haptics in Virtual Reality
Parastoo Abtahi, Benoit Landry, Jackie (Junrui) Yang, Marco Pavone, Sean Follmer, James A. Landay

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