Parking for E14 / E15 Events

MIT/ Kendall Square parking is very limited, especially due to the on-going construction.  MIT recommends using public transportation whenever possible.

If parking is needed, the event host should make special arrangements with the MIT Parking Office.  Event hosts are responsible for requesting necessary guest parking passes as needed.

For MIT employee parking, consult the current list of MIT parking lots

On-street parking meters are available from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is located on Ames Street
(2) in front of Bldg 64
(2)  in front of Bldg E17
(2)  located in courtyard entry at Bldg 68

Loading Dock requirements

All vehicles in the loading dock must turn off the vehicle ignition.

No delivery vehicles may be left in the loading dock after load ins/outs. 

All delivery vehicles must be moved to street parking or a parking lot after unload is completed.

Vehicle Display

If a vehicle will be displayed as part of the event, the event host must first review the details with the E14 / E14 Event Coordinator.  Then the event host will contact MIT Environment, Health and Safety office with a proposed site and safety plan. Approvals are also required from:

Nearby Public Parking Garages

  • Hayward Garage (Entrances at 33 Amherst Street & 55 Wadsworth Street)

    Hours: Open 24 hours
    Questions? Call 617-500-6553

  • One Memorial Drive Garage (Entrance is on Memorial Drive)
    Questions? Call 617-621-1238
  • 245 Riverview Garage (Entrance is on First Street)
    Questions? Call 617-494-1619
  • 4 Cambridge Center (Entrance on Ames St. or Broadway)
    Questions? Call 617-225-0830
  • 5 Cambridge Center, East Garage (Ames St./Broadway)
    Hours: Open 24 Hours
    Questions? Call 617-621-3115
  • 7 Cambridge Center, West Garage (Ames St /Galileo Way)
    Hours: Open 24 Hours
    Questions? Call 617-621-3115
  • 10 Cambridge Center, North Garage (Binney St. off Broadway)
    Hours: Open 24 Hours
    Questions? Call 617-621-3115
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