Spinoff Graviky Labs wins Falling Walls Science Summit 2021 award


Falling Walls Science Summit 2021

Falling Walls Science Summit 2021

Spinoff Graviky Labs has been listed as a winner in the Science Start-Ups category of this year's Falling Walls Science Summit. Organized by the Falling Walls Foundation, the Falling Walls Science Summit is a leading forum for global science leaders from academia, business, politics, the media, and civil society to debate the potential of scientific breakthroughs to solve challenges and shape a sustainable future. The event takes place every year from November 7-9 in Berlin, commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

Co-founded by Anirudh Sharma, an alum of the Fluid Interfaces research group, Graviky Labs sequesters environmental CO2 as easy-to-handle solid carbon black. This solid carbon is licensed out to make high value inks and coatings known as AIR-INK. This process has created a new circular opportunity that helps large companies produce sustainable products, while reducing their CO2 impact.

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