Virtual Research Discussions

MIT Media Lab

by Chikara Ishida

April 2, 2020

Please join us for our Virtual Research Discussion sessions, where faculty members will give a quick overview of their labs, current research interests, and potential collaboration opportunities, followed by a live Q+A. 

The event is for members of the Media Lab only. Please make sure that you are logged in to the Member Portal or create an account using your company email address via this link:

Our Summer Virtual Research Discussions are back in full swing.  Tune in with Sasha Costanza-Chock will present key insights from their book Design Justice, followed by a dialogue with Catherine d’Ignazio and Jaleesa Trapp Aug 12 at 2pm ET. 

This talk will be webcast followed by a Q+A via (Justice).

Upcoming talks can be found below.

August 2020

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