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MIT 2022

Credit: Emily Dahl

by David Sweeney

March 22, 2023

We invite you to explore MIT's dynamic campus and experience firsthand how MIT is making a better world.

  • Take the Campus walking tour.
  • Stop by Killian Court, the leafy oasis where we hold each year’s Commencement, and gaze up at the Great Dome. (At 8,800 square feet, it’s larger than the domes of St. Paul’s in London and the US Capital Building. And it was the site of some historic hacks.)
  • Take in the galleries and exhibits at the MIT Museum—where art, science, and technology intersect—at its new Kendall Square location.
  • Explore public art on campus, including works by Picasso, Calder, and other major artists.
  • Visit the List Visual Arts Center, MIT’s contemporary arts museum.
  • Witness the work being done at the cutting edge of cancer research at the Koch Institute Public Galleries.
  • See a display of hacks on the Charles M. Vest Student Street in the Stata Center.
  • Shop at the MIT Coop for MIT-branded apparel and other souvenirs.
  • Consider taking The Innovation Tour: a way to experience, learn about, and be inspired by four centuries of world-changing breakthroughs from Boston.
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