Who am I?—taking a dive within the self

Busy with the What, Why, and How, I often forget my Who, but if I look closely, it is actually my who (i.e. my definition of my ‘self’) that determines how I see the world and why I do what I do. This ‘Who’ that I live from is a choice that I make. This essay looks critically at this choice, by diving deep into the QUESTion “Who am I?”.

It is organized into three overarching parts (or dives) — Construction of “I”Deconstruction of “I”, and Reconstruction of “I”. Through each of these, I attempt to take myself (along with the reader) deeper and deeper into the depths of exploring this question of ‘Who am I?’. I hope the ideas, illustrations, activities, and examples I share below can serve as supportive tools for anyone interested to take a dive within their own self.

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