Women's Lunches

by Monica Orta

May 17, 2018

The monthly women's lunch brings together women graduate students and postdocs to connect, build community, and develop professional and personal skills. 

Fall 2021 Speakers
Kristen L. Dorsey- Making advice about academia work for you

Spring 2021 Speakers

Mari Castaneda- Journey Through Academia: From First Gen to Faculty to Academic Leadership 

Denise Minor- Got JBOPs?

Pattie Maes & Catherine D'Ignazio - The Compromises We Make: Navigating Academia and Motherhood

Fall 2020 Speakers

Libby Mahaffy- De-biasing a Process: Using Implicit Bias Triggers as an Audit Tool

Miriam Solis- Navigating Academia's Cultural Norms

Niambi Carter- Put Away Wet: Moving from Surviving to Thriving in Academia

Spring 2020 Speakers
Tavi D. Sookhoo - Salary Negotiation Strategies

Margarita Mora- Raven Mothers (and Fathers), the New Superheroes?

Fall 2019 Speakers
Emily Whiting -Mechanics-Based Design for Computational Fabrication

Catherine D'Ignazio- Intersectional Feminism: What is it and why do we need it urgently in tech, data, and design?

Sarah Sobieraj- Attacks Against Women Online and the Future of Democratic Discourse

Minoo Rathnasabapathy- "You Have NASA In Your Name!" - Everyone

Spring 2019 Speakers
Kemi Sorinmade - Unleash the Leader in YouMariana Arcaya - My Journey Through Academia
Mariana Arcaya - My Journey Through Academia
Saida Grundy - What I Wish I Knew Then: Reflections from the Worst Graduate Student Ever
Amanda Nguyen - Accelerating Change

Fall 2018 Speakers
Sheena Allen - Social Change From the Insiders
Jamira Burley - The Story of Self for Social Impact
Jenny Sabin - Matter Design Computation: Biosynthesis & New Paradigms of Making
Kate Darling - Robots are Awesome! Becoming a Robot Ethics Expert

Spring 2018 Speakers
Renee Gosline - Authentic Leadership
Jen Dziura - Entrepreneurship for Everyone
Samantha Brady - Planning for Life Tomorrow with Technology Today
Danielle Wood - My Journey to the Media Lab

Fall 2017 Speakers
Ridhi Tariyal - Navigating Male Dominated Spaces for Exclusively Female Agendas
Sara Hendren - Investigating Normal: Hybrid Research for Technology and the Body
Canan Dagdeviren - My Journey to the Media Lab
Colleen Macklin - Failing Better: How Games Taught Me to Be Human

Spring 2017 Speakers
Pattie Maes - Journey to the Media Lab
Rhonda Jordan - The Road Less Traveled
Liz Klinger - Women's Health: More Than Fertility
Lourdes Alemán - Hack Your Potential: Using a Growth Mindset

Fall 2016 Speakers
Roxane Gay - Bad Feminist
Neha Narula - Digital Currency Initiative
Diana Chien- Building Your CV/Resume
Cynthia Breazeal - Journey to the Media Lab