AnnoScape: Remote Collaborative Review Using Live Video Overlay in Shared 3D Virtual Workspace

Tangible Media Group | MIT Media Lab

Austin Lee, Hiroshi Chigira, Sheng Kai Tang, Kojo Acquah, Hiroshi Ishii


We introduce AnnoScape, a remote collaboration system that allows users to overlay live video of the physical desktop image on a shared 3D virtual workspace to support individual and collaborative review of 2D and 3D content using hand gestures and real ink. The AnnoScape system enables distributed users to visually navigate the shared 3D virtual workspace individually or jointly by moving tangible handles; simultaneously snap into a shared viewpoint and generate a live video overlay of freehand annotations from the desktop surface onto the system's virtual viewports which can be placed spatially in the 3D data space. Finally, we present results of our preliminary user study and discuss design issues and AnnoScape's potential to facilitate effective communication during remote 3D data reviews.

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