Display Blocks: Cubic Displays for Multi-Perspective Visualizations

Conesa, P. "Display Blocks: Cubic Displays for Multi-Perspective Visualizations"


This thesis details the design, execution and evaluation of a new type of display technology, known as Display Blocks. Display Blocks are a response to two major limitations of current displays: visualization and interaction. Each device consist of six organic light emitting diode screens, arranged in a cubic form factor. I explore the possibilities that this type of display holds for data visualization, manipulation and exploration. To this end, I also propose a series of accompanying applications that leverage the design of the displays. To begin assessing the potential of this platform and to define future directions in which to expand this research, I report on a series of interviews I conducted regarding the potential of Display Blocks with relevant technologists, interaction designers, data visualizers and educators. The work encompassed in this thesis shows the promise of display technologies which use their form factor as a cue to understanding their content.

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