Dresscode: supporting youth in computational design and making

Jennifer Jacobs, Mitchel Resnick, and Leah Buechley. 2014. Dresscode: supporting youth in computational design and making. In Proceedings of Constructionism 2014 Conference. Vienna, Austria.


Computational design is a powerful tool for conceiving and constructing physical artifacts. As researchers invested in making design tools for young people, we believe that the combination of computational design and craft can be highly relevant for young designers interested in aesthetics and making. Youth engagement in these endeavors requires the development of accessible computational tools for physical design. We present DressCode, a novice-oriented computational design tool for craft. DressCode features linked editable representations between textual programming and graphic drawing. The software  produces vector designs for 2-axis digital fabrication and handcraft. We describe DressCode and our evaluation of the software through a workshop with young people. This evaluation revealed the diverse design affordances of linked representational tools for young designers, and afforded the creation of projects that blend hand-drawing, computational patterns, and craft.

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