Gemini: Engaging Experiential and Feature Scales through Multi-Material Digital Design Fabrication

Aug. 14, 2014

N. Oxman, D. Dikovski, B. Belocon, W. C. Carter


Gemini is a chaise lounge constructed using hybrid fabrication involving 3D printing of a textured polymeric skin combined with CNC milling of a wooden chassis. The texture of the chaise was inspired by the seed geometry of the Ornithogalum dubium flower and designed using a computational implementation of an inhomogeneous Poisson process. The 3D - printed texture was informed by the weight distribution of a person with the goal of delivering structural support and comfort on the one hand and maximizing the absorption of sound emanating from exterior sources of noise on the other. Gemini is the first functional object produced using the Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 color multimaterial 3D printer including the Tango + soft material. It represents one of the first cases of a hybrid additive – subtractive manufacturing approach, which combines the strength of both of these techniques.

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