Holosuite: an exploration into interactive holographic telepresence

Dreshaj, E. "Holosuite: an exploration into interactive holographic telepresence"


Research in holographic video technology has made great progress in the past decade, thanks to new advances in hologram computation algorithms and light modulation materials. Due to the niche and inaccessibility of holographic display research, however, literature on applications of holographic display technology remains scarce. In this thesis, we describe a holographic display application that combines remote telepresence with interaction in 3D space. We propose some key concepts on leveraging the strengths of holographic display technology as a medium for interactive telepresence. These concepts are implemented in a real-time, end-to-end 3D telepresence software application titled "Holosuite." Our implementation fosters a novel usage of sharing, collaborating with, and visualizing 3D data between users in a highly immersive and realistic way. In doing so, we have created an experience that connects two remote users in a way that is more engaging and provides more affordances than traditional videoconferencing.

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