Holovideo for Everyone: a Low-Cost Holovideo Monitor

Daniel Smalley, Quinn Smithwick, James Barabas, V. Michael Bove, Jr., Sunny Jolly, C. Della Silva


This work presents an architecture for a relatively low-cost, pc-driven holovideo monitor. The geometry uses minimal optics and is built to host a multi-channel acousto-optic modulator that can be driven by up-converted VGA signals. The display's target specifications include a standard vertical resolution (480 lines) output driven by an 18 channel acousto-optic modulator, 30Hz refresh-rate and multiple color operation. This paper reports early tests of this geometry with a single acousto-optic channel. The goal is to create a small but functional holographic display that can be readily replicated, easily driven and provide basic monitor functionality with a bill of materials in the hundreds, rather than thousands, of dollars.

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