Human Augmentation for future Space Explorers


Valentina Sumini

 Valentina Sumini


 Space exploration generates new possible scenarios in human computer interaction HCI for assisting future explorers. There is an unique opportunity for researchers in HCI to envision new interactive systems at different scales that can enhance humans living and working conditions in space and elsewhere in the solar system. Given the microgravity and reduced gravity constraints, the metaphor of the undersea world inspired the design of a wearable body extension that could complement the fashion technology aspects of spacesuits design and the architectural aspects of responsive habitat interior design. The biomimetic wearable soft-robotic additive prosthetic, that resemble a seahorse tail, SpaceHuman has been designed, through different computational design methods, and tested in different gravity conditions on a Zero-G flight to proof its concept. Further considerations about possible improvements on its robotic grasping and soft manipulation abilities are considered as future scenario.

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