Immersive UAV-based Cross-Reality Navigation of Environmental Sensor Networks

Ramasubramanian, V. "Immersive UAV-based Cross-Reality Navigation of Environmental Sensor Networks"


Quadrasense explores futuristic applications in environmental sensing by integrating ideas of cross-reality with semi-autonomous sensor-aware vehicles. The cross-reality principals of telepresence, augmented reality, and virtual reality are enabled through an Unnamed-Aerial-Vehicle, a specialized imaging system, a Head-Mounted-Display, a video game engine and a commodity computer. Users may move between any of the three modes of interaction, in real-time, through a singular visual interface.

Utilizing an environment built with video game technology, a system was developed that can track and move a UAV in the physical world, towards goals of sensing, exploration and visualization. This application expands on the use of video games engines for simulation by directly joining the virtual and real worlds.

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