Impact.AI: Democratizing AI through K-12 Artificial Intelligence Education

Randi Williams

Williams, R. (2024) Impact.AI: Democratizing AI through K-12 artificial intelligence education. [Doctoral dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology].


Today's youth are growing up in a world where artificial intelligence (AI) technologies shape how we live, work, play, socialize, and navigate our world. This rapid technological change is already significantly shifting individuals' lives and the opportunities they can obtain. Thus, researchers, educators, and government leaders must consider how to prepare a diverse citizenry to thrive in the emerging age of AI, for example, through outreach initiatives like grade school AI curricula. My thesis delves into K-12 AI literacy, particularly how AI curricula might empower students to see themselves as technosocial change agents, capable of using technology to work toward positive, equitable social change.

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