Inktuitive: An Intuitive Physical Design Workspace

Sept. 23, 2008


Pranav Mistry, Kayato Sekiya, Andrea Bradshaw


The development of computer-aided design (CAD) tools such as Autodesk Revit, ArchiCad and SketchUp, has leveraged the power of the digital world by allowing designers to express their creations in new ways. Despite the advances and advantages of these digital tools, traditional pencil and paper continue to exist as some of the most important tools in the early stages of design. In this paper, we introduce 'Inktuitive', an intuitive physical design workspace that aims to bridge the gap and bring together the conventional design tools such as paper and pencil with the power and convenience of the digital tools for design. The paper discusses the design and implementation of the 'Inktuitive' platform. The paper also analyzes and outlines the advantages and challenges of this new workspace, where designers can create and manipulate digital models and representations of ideas in a more direct and natural way.

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