Paper Dreams: An Adaptive canvas that assists users with generating and visualizing stories

May 31, 2019


Bernal, Guillermo R, et al. “Paper Dreams: An Adaptive Canvas That Assists Users with Generating and Visualizing Stories.” GANocracy Workshop on Theory, Practice and Artistry of Deep Generative Modeling , 31 May 2019, p. 1.,


Paper Dreams focuses on the exciting area of how todayʼs powerful machine learning algorithms and multi-modal input technologies can be used to augment human creativity. The software app provides a highly dynamic and interactive back and forth between a human artist and an AI system that makes use of representations inside machine learning models to assist the person with creative, visual expression. The Paper Dreams system observes what the user has so far generated, “recognizes” what has been drawn and makes suggestions for new elements and colors. These suggestions can be tuned to be more radical or more incremental.

The experience not only helps users who may experience creative block or lack of artistic ability but also results in a more satisfying and engaging experience. We target three types of users with our system. We empower people who believe they are not “the creative type”, people experiencing a creative block, and lastly, people hoping to express themselves in new ways.  We do this by making state-of-the-art machine learning tools available to the user to create collaboratively in a very dynamic and complementary way.

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