Pervasive Augmented Reality and the Panopticon

April 24, 2020


Simonson, Aubrey and Pattie Maes. “Pervasive Augmented Reality and the Panopticon.” (April 24, 2020).


Pervasive augmented reality, or augmented reality designed for continuous, daily use, has the potential to be enormously damaging to privacy. Augmented reality, by nature of its ability to keep a virtual object still in 3d space while a user moves throughout that space, has to acquire camera data. This creates a privacy concern, not just for the user, but for anyone whom the user looks at. Combined with eye tracking, which would be useful as an input device, data collected from augmented reality glasses could create an extraordinarily valuable mine of data. This extended abstract explores the potential harms which the collection of this data could pose to both users and to others near them. 

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