Pintail: A Travel Companion for Guided Storytelling

Chowdhury, S. K. (2018). Pintail: A Travel Companion for Guided Storytelling.


Pintail is a mobile companion application for guided storytelling in travel context. Pintail uses priming as a technique to inspire and augment story creation. Pintail shows the user snippets of stories from other travelers who have visited the same places. These Pintail prompts are synthesized from online travel reviews and doodle books. Some prompts are displayed in an ambient manner on a second screen. Pintail users can then use the Pintail story-creation tools to remix, reflect and create their own stories. The stories created by Pintail have an analog form. They are printed on a re-purposed mobile receipt printer and are designed to catalyze in person-conversations. Pintail converts a story consumption activity into a story creation activity, while not taking away too much time from the actual travel experience.

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