Progress in transparent flat-panel holographic displays enabled by guided-wave acousto-optics

Feb. 19, 2018

Jolly, Sundeep, et al. “Progress in Transparent Flat-Panel Holographic Displays Enabled by Guided-Wave Acousto-Optics.” Search the World's Largest Collection of Optics and Photonics Applied Research., International Society for Optics and Photonics, 19 Feb. 2018


 We have previously introduced a monolithic, integrated optical platform for transparent, flat-panel holographic displays suitable for near-to-eye displays in augmented reality systems. This platform employs a guided-wave acousto-optic spatial light modulator implemented in lithium niobate in conjunction with an integrated Bragg-regime reflection volume hologram. In this paper, we depict analysis of three key system attributes that inform and influence the display system performance: 1) single-axis diffraction-driven astigmatism, 2) strobed illumination to enforce acousto-optic grating stationarity, and 3) acousto-optically driven spatial Nyquist rate.

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