RadioActive: Enabling Large-Scale Asynchronous Audio Discussions on Mobile Devices

Zinman, A. "RadioActive: Enabling Large-Scale Asynchronous Audio Discussions on Mobile Devices"


Current mobile technology works well to connect individuals together at any time or place. However, general focus on one-to-one conversations has over looked the potential of always-on group and community links. I hypothesize that a synchronous persistent audio is a superior medium to support scalable always-on group communication for mobile devices. To evaluate this claim, one must first have an adequate interaction design before its possible to investigate the qualities and usage patterns over the long-term. This design does not exist for mobile devices. This thesis takes the first step in this direction by creating and evaluating an initial design called RadioActive. RadioActive is a technological and interaction design for persistent mobile audio chat spaces,focusing on the key issue of navigating a synchronous audio. If RadioActive is shown to be a good design in the long-term, I hope to prove with additional studies the value of a synchronous persistent audio. In this thesis I examine related work, describe RadioActive from a methodologically constrained bottom-up approach, discuss the theoretical rationale behind the design, what seems to work, what doesn't, and suggestions for the future.

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