Seeing around corners with a mobile phone?: synthetic aperture audio imaging

Bedri, Hisham, Micha Feigin, Michael Everett, Ivan Filho, Gregory L. Charvat, and Ramesh Raskar. “Seeing Around Corners with a Mobile Phone?: Synthetic Aperture Audio Imaging.” In ACM SIGGRAPH 2014 Posters, 84:1–84:1. SIGGRAPH ’14. New York, NY, USA: ACM, 2014.


Seeing around corners, in the dark, and through smoke is difficultwithout specialized sensors[Velten et al. 2012], and so far impossi-ble with a mobile phone. We use an active audio system to senseobjects around occluders. Current techniques perform passive lo-calization of sound sources with a microphone array, however, wedemonstrate that with one microphone and one speaker pair, such asthe ones found in mobile phones, it is possible to sense the specularreflection of silent objects such as mannequins around occludingobjects. We demonstrate this technique by sensing a mannequinoccluded by a wall

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