TakeTwo: Using Google Glass for Augmented Memory

Scott W. Greenwald, Christian D.Vazquez, Pattie Maes


Recent advances in wearable technology create the opportunity for seamless interactions that would be too cumbersome or limited on handheld devices such as cameras or mobile phones. The use of a head-mounted camera and display can allow users to capture and review audiovisual information without disrupting the continuity their ongoing activities. When presented with large amounts of information, people are prone to miss or forget details which can be essential later. TakeTwo builds on the capabilities of such wearable devices to provide a virtual extension of memory, i.e. augmented memory, to aid users in learning and recall. In particular, we use Google Glass to capture audiovisual content of ongoing events, and allow users to actively bookmark moments for later review. The Thalmic Labs Myo armband allows users to create bookmarks with discrete hand gestures. Future work will explore automatic bookmark creation triggered by physiological signals such as electrodermal activity, EEG, eye tracking, and motion. This will allow users to review events based on signals of emotional arousal, confusion, focus, or understanding, furthering their ability to recall and reinforce memory when it is needed most.

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