The importance of measuring autonomic data in new epilepsy treatments

June 1, 2014


R W Picard, O Devinsky, B Dworetzky, J A French, D Friedman, M Lai, T Loddenkemper, M-Z Poh, C Reinsberger, R A Sarkis, R Surges


Summary: Measuring autonomic data is important • Autonomic data measured from the skin reflects activation of deep brain circuits, while being comfortably and easily measured 24/7. • The size of autonomic disruption is significantly correlated with duration of PGES, providing an important candidate biomarker for SUDEP. • The accuracy of GTCS detection is improved using EDA • Significant EDA activation occurred in 86% of CPS, which may contribute to helping automate CPS detection. • Personalized autonomic patterns can be examined over time to objectively examine interactions with AED’s

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