Triangles: Design of a Physical/Digital Construction Kit

Aug. 18, 1997


Gorbet, M G. and Orth, M.


This paper descriies the design process and philosophy behind Triangles, anew ph@al computer interface in the form of a ‘&&ruction kit of id~tical, flat, plastic triangles. The triangles connect together both mechanically and electrically with magnetic, conducting oomectors. When the pieces contact one another, information about the specific connection is passed through the cmducting crmnectom to the computer. in this way, users can createboth two and threed]mensional objects whose exact configuration is known by the computer. The physical connection of any mo Triangles can trigger specific events m the computer, creating a simple but powerful means for physically interacting with digital information This paper will describe the Ttiangles systaq its advantages and applications. It will also highlight the importance of multi-disciplinarian design teams m the creation of objects that bridge elechical engineming Wuatrial desiguj and soflware design-- objects like the Triangles.

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