Festschrift for Mike Hawley

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Webb Chappell

Webb Chappell

A virtual festschrift to honor the ideas of Mike Hawley, a true Renaissance man. For those of you who had the good fortune to have interacted with Mike personally, you know him for his brilliance, humor, and eclectic set of achievements: from his winning the Van Cliburn Competition piano competition for amateurs, to serving as scientific director of one of the first major scientific expedition to Mount Everest, to running the Boston marathon “wired” with microelectronic monitoring devices--both on and inside his body. For those who have only heard of Mike through his reputation, this will be a great opportunity to be inspired by some of the incredible thinkers who have collaborated with Mike through the years.

When: Tuesday, April 21
Time: 2:15pm EDT
Host: NPR’s Peter Sagal

Nicholas Negroponte
Andy Lippman
Bob Millard
Larry Tribe
Moshe Safdie

Alan Kay
Bran Ferren
Len Kleinrock
Peter Cochrane
Bob Metcalfe

Stewart Brand
Tod Machover
Gloria Minsky
Amy Tan
Rob Poor

Jill Sobule
Reed Jobs
George Hawley

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