Advancing Wellbeing Seminar Series: Justine Cassell

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Designing Bots, Virtual Humans, and Other Systems that Can Hold up Their End of the Conversation

In today's era of intelligent assistants of all kinds, a conversational front end is a necessity. Particularly in the mobile and home domains where users may be engaged in multiple tasks at the same time, and have their eyes on something other than a screen, the ability to use conversation to access services is particularly important. On the other hand, most existent conversational user interfaces are really thinly veiled search engines. The interaction between user and system couldn't be called a "conversation" by a long shot. In this talk I'll discuss the SARA (Socially-Aware Robot Assistant) project and, more generally, our work around building socially-aware agents of all kinds, and therefore how we intend to revolutionize the conversational front end of intelligent personal assistants, pedagogical agents, homebots, and other systems that interact with people repeatedly,

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