3 Questions: Claude Grunitzky MBA '12 on launching TRUE Africa University

By MIT Center for International Studies

Shortly after he sold TRACE, the fast-growing, New York-based media company he founded at age 24, Claude Grunitzky came to MIT as a Sloan Fellow. He chose MIT because he wanted to learn more about digital media and the ways he could leverage it for his next company. He was also interested in MIT’s approach to building new technologies that could scale through network effects.

While at MIT Sloan, the Togolese-American entrepreneur spent considerable time at the MIT Media Lab, working with Joost Bonsen, a lecturer in media arts and sciences, and Professor Alex “Sandy” Pentland, the Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program director, on shaping what would become TRUE Africa, his digital media company focused on championing young African voices all over the world. Grunitzky graduated in 2012, earning an MBA.

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