Danielle Wood Featured in NPR Podcast on Space Sustainability




Danielle Wood discussed space sustainability in a recent NPR podcast summarized by Aaron Scott,  Berly McCoy,  and Rebecca Ramirez, with a description reads in part:

"As part of Short Wave's AAAS live show series, Danielle sat down with co-host Aaron Scott to talk about a vision of sustainability in space. The effort begins with the Space Sustainability Rating (SSR), an incentive system modeled after LEED certifications for green buildings. The system is multifaceted, considering aspects like collision preparedness, information sharing and future debris reductions. At least one company has already applied for and received a certification using the SSR. That initial rating was bronze, the lowest of four possible ratings.

"In some ways, I was pleased that our first rating was low because it means we are all saying there's more to work to do and to grow," says Wood. For her, the initial rating is simply the entry point for an ongoing conversation with outside companies in the booming space industry. A company's rating is changeable based on their ongoing missions and efforts. The goals is for companies to increasingly own the social responsibility of being major players influencing the future of space exploration and technology."

"We've been dreaming for years of things like space robots being able to build space stations that humans can go visit. Such things are being now going from the dreaming stage to the venture capital stage. ... As we make these dreams a reality, let's be so thoughtful about the possible long term implications of our actions," says Wood."

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