Deblina Sarkar recognized as a leading next generation scientist by United For Medical Research

Deblina Sarkar is recognized as one of the eight scientists leading next generation research by United For Medical Research. Prof. Sarkar is combining electrical engineering, physics and biology to push the frontiers of medical technologies. She makes subcellular-sized nanoelectronics that can be placed in the body to, for example, map neurons in the brain, modulate them for therapeutics, remotely monitor health and detect diseases at an early stage. The devices are wireless and coated with biomolecules such that they can effectively camouflage and trick the body into thinking that it is a part of its own biological system, enabling a seamless nanomachine-bio hybrid. 

UMR is a coalition of leading research institutions, patient and health advocates and private industry seeking steady and sustainable increases in funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in order to save and improve lives, advance innovation and fuel the economy.

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