Miami “city symphony” announced

Composer Tod Machover’s ground-breaking “city symphony” projects, which involve entire urban communities in collaborating to create sonic portraits of their cities, is making its next stop in Miami. Machover has created city symphonies in Toronto, Edinburgh, Perth, Lucerne, and Detroit, but he encourages other artists to take hold of the idea and spread it to more communities. With support from the Knight Foundation, the first such project took place earlier this year in Akron, Ohio. In Miami, Machover will oversee Project 305, which will be shaped by composer Ted Hearne and filmmaker Jonathan David Kane for the New World Symphony. (View Project 305 trailer above.)

According to the Miami Herald, “Project 305 kicks off at NWS’ New World Center the morning of Dec. 12 with an open forum to meet organizers and get more information. People will be able to submit material from Jan. 31 to May 12, with community events and workshops to be held during that time. After the premiere, the work will be presented throughout Miami…Machover said that at a time when arts groups are striving to connect with audiences and divisiveness plagues our political life, these kinds of inclusive arts projects are more important than ever. ‘One of the healthiest things we can do now is reevaluate the relationship between experts in culture and everybody else,” he said. “If we’re not all involved, we’re in trouble.’”

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