Fresh off the (MIT Media) lab

BY Benu Joshi Routh 

The MIT Media Lab is an interdisciplinary research laboratory at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology that fosters research at the intersection of technology and society. A few noteworthy innovations that have been developed at the Lab and are now being applied include e-ink, optogenetics, touchscreen, and Robotic Prosthesis. At the Media Lab, engineers, neuroscientists and designers have the freedom to explore without being encumbered by industry or academic biases. An expression the Lab uses to describe its unique culture is “imagine and realise”, which encourages students to never abandon their curiosity.

Forbes India takes a dive into the minds of four inventors of Indian origin who, at some stage, spent time in the Lab. From inventing a camera to photograph the invisible to designing wearables to ward off sexual predators, these masterminds are attempting to turn the seemingly impossible into reality.

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