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Misha Sra

Former Research Affiliate
  • Fluid Interfaces

I work in the area of human-computer interaction (HCI), specifically related to virtual, augmented and mixed reality. The goal of my work is to create systems that use the entire body for input and output and automatically adapt to each user’s unique state and context. I call my concept perceptual engineering, i.e., immersive systems that alter the user’s perception (or more specifically the input signals to their perception) and influence or manipulate it in subtle ways. For example, they modify a user’s sense of balance or orientation, manipulate their visual attention and more, all without the user’s explicit awareness, and in order to assist or guide their interactive experience in an effortless way.  In my research, I’ve explored haptics, emotions and computation, physiological signals, multi-modal feedback, and wearables. My work and CV are linked below.