Innovative composer hopes to unify the Koreas: Through his work, Tod Machover has shown the power of music, technology

By Yim Seung-Hye

As one of the most forward-thinking composers of today, Tod Machover from MIT Media Lab never stops making music. He not only composes robotic operas and creates what are called “city symphonies,” making various sounds from urban environments into music that are performed in an orchestral pit, but he has also helped Alzheimer’s and cerebral palsy patients communicate through music. 

He is also part of a team that recently made headlines for a groundbreaking achievement that suggests Alzheimer’s disease may be cured simply by looking at flashing lights and listening to flickering sounds. 

Why not, then, get his help and try to get the two Koreas to communicate and find a way for a peaceful unification through music?

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