SENSITIVE SCIENCE: vocal vibrations

« Vocal Vibrations » is an installation which invites the public to discover the relationship between sound vibrations stimulated by voice and their effects on human physiology. It’s a sensory experience, an initiatory journey and an interactive path to follow.

Tod Machover, composer/ inventor and Neri Oxman, architect/designer, both from MIT Media Lab, are exploring the question of the voice and its impact on the body. “We know that health has an impact on the voice. Conversely, can the voice affect our physical and mental conditioning?” For this exhibition, William Boujon & Julien Benayoun, the creative duo of Bold-design, imagined the scenography at Le Laboratoire. Opened since 2007, Le Laboratoire is a contemporary art and design center in central Paris, where artists and designers experiment at frontiers of science; an extraordinary place founded and directed by David Edwards.

First, Bold-design created a meditative chamber, a kind of chapel, into which visitors enter. They hear a meditative, multilayered composition by Tod Machover that weaves together multiple voices and other sources in a transfixing sonic journey. Visitors can stand, sit on a carpet or pillows, and listen carefully – concentrating on a single meditative tone surrounded by evolving textures, before they are invited by a guide to enter into a preparatory tunnel.

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