MAS.S67 Design and Fabrication of Imaging Systems


Canan Dagdeviren

Canan Dagdeviren

Canan Dagdeviren, Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences; LG Career Development Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
Wednesday, 9am-12pm
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Flexible; small-teams projects of 2-3 people (at least 2 per team).

To pass, you must: (i) attend at least 3/4 of the class sessions, (ii) complete the homeworks, (iii) complete the small-team project. By the end of Class #1, students must decide whether to register or drop the course.


This is a special topic on ultrasound imaging for medical devices. The course focuses on developing a holistic theoretical and practical understanding of ultrasound imaging system design—including signal processing theory for array design and its relation to imaging behavior, materials design and device fabrication methods, electronics used for data acquisition, and image reconstruction algorithms.

The main deliverable is a class project, where students will design novel ultrasound imaging devices, fabrication techniques, and/or algorithms, and finally produce working devices - with an aim towards publication.


  1. To develop a theoretical understanding of ultrasound imaging and device design,
  2. To learn about and apply design techniques and fabrication processes for ultrasound arrays,
  3. To understand the impact of microfabricated devices on society,
  4. To develop new ultrasound devices, fabrication techniques, and algorithms,
  5. To write and submit papers based on the class projects.
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