Advancing Wellbeing Seminar Series: Tanzeem Choudhury

October 3, 2016


MIT Media Lab, E14-633


Mobile and ubiquitous computing research has led to new techniques for cheaply, accurately, and continuously collecting data on human behavior that include detailed measurements of physical activities, social interactions and conversations, sleep quality and duration, and more. Continuous and unobtrusive sensing of behaviors has tremendous potential to support the lifelong management of mental health by: 1) acting as an early warning system to detect changes in mental well-being; 2) delivering context-aware, personalized micro-interventions to patients when and where they need them; and 3) significantly accelerating patient understanding of their illness. In this presentation, Tanzeem Choudhury will give an overview of her work on turning sensor-enabled mobile devices into well-being monitors and instruments for administering real-time/real-place interventions.


Tanzeem Choudhury is an associate professor in Computing and Information Sciences at Cornell University and a co-founder of HealthRhythms. At Cornell, she directs the People-Aware Computing group, which works on inventing the future of technology-assisted wellbeing. Tanzeem received her PhD from the MIT Media Lab. Tanzeem was awarded the MIT Technology Review TR35 award, an NSF CAREER award, and a TED Fellowship. Follow her group's work on twitter @pac_cornell

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