Aneesh Chopra @ Media Lab

September 26, 2013


E14-633, MIT Media Lab


On his initial day in office, President Obama directed the United States' first Chief Technology Officer, Aneesh Chopra, to develop a more transparent and open government. Chopra was tasked with the massive challenge of ushering in a new era of collaboration with the private sector, one which focused on creating the jobs and industries of the future. Drawing on his experience of promoting productivity growth in public and regulated sectors of the economy, Chopra led efforts to open up government day to spark innovative products and services in the private sector. The increasingly powerful combination of statical machine learning and the availability of large scale data provides new opportunities for commercial innovation that are also of immense social value. In this talk, Chopra will share his insights on three key high-growth markets:

Health care as it shifts towards value-based payment,
Energy as it harnesses a smarter electrical grid,
Education as it personalizes learning through education technology.


Aneesh Chopra is the former U.S. Chief Technology Officer. As an Assistant to the President, he designed the National Wireless Initiative, helped launch Startup America, and executed an "open innovation" strategy across the government built on private sector collaboration—opening data to transform health, energy, and education markets, convening tech leaders to develop consensus standards, and sponsoring prizes, challenges, and competitions to tap into entrepreneurial problem solvers. Chopra previously served as Virginia's Secretary of Technology and has returned as a Senior Advisor with The Advisory Board Company, a global research, consulting, and technology firm helping hospital executives to better serve patients, where he previously served as managing director. In 2011, Chopra was named to Modern Healthcare's list of the 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare and in 2008, to Government Technology magazine's Top 25 in their Doers, Dreamers, and Drivers issue. Chopra earned his master's degree in public policy from Harvard University in 1997 and his bachelor's degree from The Johns Hopkins University in 1994.

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