Cati Vaucelle Thesis Defense

July 15, 2010




Tangible Media as an area has not explored how the tangible handle is more than a marker or place-holder for digital data. Tangible Media can do more. It has the power to materialize and redefine our conception of space and content during the creative process. It can vary from an abstract token that represents a movie to an anthropomorphic plush that reflects the behavior of a sibling during play. Vaucelle's work begins by extending tangible concepts of representation and token-based interactions into movie editing and play scenarios. Through several design iterations and research studies she establishes tangible technologies to drive visual and oral perspectives along with finalized creative works, all during a child's play and exploration.

Vaucelle defines the framework, Gesture Object Interfaces, expanding on the fields of Tangible User Interaction and Gesture Recognition. Gesture Object Interfaces engender new visual and narrative perspectives as part of automatic film assembly during children’s play. She generated a suite of automatic film-assembly tools accessible to diverse users. The tools that she designed allow for capture, editing, and performing to be completely indistinguishable from one another. Gestures integrated with objects become a coherent interface on top of natural play. Vaucelle built a distributed, modular camera environment and gesture interaction to control that environment. The goal of these new technologies is to motivate children to take new visual and narrative perspectives.

Host/Chair: Hiroshi Ishii


Edith Ackermann, Cynthia Breazeal

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