Daniel E. Smalley Thesis Defense

July 22, 2013


MIT Media Lab, E14-525


In this dissertation Daniel Smalley describes the development of a new integrated-optics platform for holographic video consisting of arrays guided-wave acousto-optic devices. This platform serves as the foundation for a new family of holographic video architectures that trade off its enormous pixel bandwidth for display extent, view angle, and frame rate. This dissertation work demonstrates how techniques from the fields of integrated optics and integrated acoustics can be brought to bear on the challenges of holographic projection and display (for example, how to meet the large pixel requirement of holography while constraining cost and complexity). This work demonstrates devices built from this platform which include novel features such as: polarization rotation via mode-coupling; wavelength division multiplexing of red, green and blue signals; high total pixel bandwidth; continuous horizontal parallax and extremely low cost of construction relative to comparable displays.

Host/Chair: V. Michael Bove


Ed Boyden, Rajeev Ram

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