Danielle Wood Keynote Speaker at MITdesignX Symposium




April 26, 2021
12:15pm ET

Danielle Wood will be the keynote speaker at the MITdesignX Symposium, "Design>>Fast-Forward: The Acceleration of Technology, Systems and Urban Policy in the Post-Pandemic City."

Disruption by the pandemic initially caused a state of paralysis in cities. Offices and schools were emptied, subways deserted, entertainment and sports venues shuttered. The economy descended into recession and unemployment skyrocketed. But, very quickly, people responded, as they always do, through adaptation and innovation in a remarkable demonstration of resilience.  Life, the economy, and human progress had to continue, just differently. 

Now it seems everything must be rethought, reimagined, redesigned, or repositioned.  The innovators, designers and visionaries among us already have plans and ideas in the works.  And the pandemic provides the (inopportune) opportunity to fast-forward their development.

In this two-day online symposium at MIT, they will host conversations with innovators and visionaries, academics, global firms and novel startups who are accelerating new systems and products for design, cities, and the human environment.

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