Danielle Wood Speaks at CGIAR's 2020 Platform for Big Data in Agriculture Convention




This year's CGIAR convention, centered on the theme of "Digital Dynamism for Adaptive Food Systems," will feature Danielle Wood as a speaker in the session on "Computational Sustainability."

As the world’s largest global agricultural innovation network, CGIAR brings evidence to policy makers, innovation to partners, and new tools to harness the economic, environmental and nutritional power of agriculture.

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, CGIAR is pivoting much of its 2020 plan towards response, recovery, and long-term resiliency of global food challenges.

This convention will be the first One CGIAR hosted event, leveraging inclusive inputs from each of the global Centers offering a glimpse of how they are employing digitally-enabled, dynamic methods to combat global food security challenges flowing from current crises.

Digital tools and technologies are effective when they are designed with adaptability, interoperability, and precision in mind. The BIG DATA Platform will explore not only how technologies can build resilient food systems, but how stakeholders can build technologies that respond and adapt to changing challenges.

“Digital dynamism” refers to the new food system-wide capabilities that can be built in the context of rapidly digitizing economies and societies worldwide, leveraging their speed, adaptability, ease of connection across actors and domains, the potential precision of resulting tools and practices, and new avenues for reaching scale.

Computational Sustainability

Agricultural research for development is constantly evolving to meet changing global demands and integrate new technologies and methods. Currently, applied, responsible digital technology use, leveraging the array and massive amounts of newly available data, has begun to accelerate efforts to generate timely analytics that balance environmental, socioeconomic, biodiversity, and conservation goals. This conversation will explore the past, present and future of agricultural research and examine emerging computational tools that can be used to derive answers to key questions about sustainability, food systems, and development.

Panelists: Cheryl Palm, Carla Gomes, Danielle Wood

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