Danielle Wood Speaks to Women in AI Global Summit


Women in AI

Women in AI

September 8, 2020
5:00am — 6:00am ET

2020 has seen an acceleration of digital transformation. There have been global reactions in response to political climates, education, climate action, challenges to systemic racism, and economic restructuring. It has been reported that there is a danger that some countries are off-track to meet their sustainable development goals. Hence, it is critical that smart deployment of technology becomes a part of how to make progress. In this session we explore what opportunities are opening, and we illustrate how progress may be accelerated by the use of Artificial Intelligence. Some goals to be discussed during the event include, but not limited to, no hunger, quality education, gender equality, good health, clean water and sanitation.

This panel discussion is hosted by Women in AI Ireland, organized by Dr. Begüm Genç. 

Moderator: Alessandra Sala

Panelists: Danielle Wood and Ray Walshe


  • Opening talk by Alessandra Sala
  • Danielle Wood: Sustainability in Space and on Earth: Research Initiatives of the Space Enabled Research Group
  • Ray Walshe: An overview of SDGs by the UN with a focus on SDG4 and SDG 5
  • Question and Answers
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